What are termites? Why do Termites like Wood? Here goes the Explanation

What are termites? Why do Termites like Wood? Here goes the Explanation. Once a Wood and Termite are in the same vicinity, they live together, mating, and reproduce, until they swarm in hundreds or thousands, leaving a huge trail of destruction to their neighbors.¬†Termites like wood. Let’s look at it from their point of view. Before, the forest offered them food and shelter. It became so crucial for them to eat wood, that they evolved a method to make it easier for them to do so.

Just like any other species, they find something convenient, so they may be more likely to stick with it. They learn how to manipulate the surrounding environment to their advantage, and as soon as the environment becomes suited to their needs, they “harvest” it for their food.

With the help of “walking sticks”, they seek out the easy way to find food, which is often concealed in a pile of other waste. Here comes the importance of this, as termites can’t hunt down food by sight alone, so the “walking sticks” give them an easy way to locate food, without having to spend the time and energy to search for it.

Termites are like people, who found something special. A nice chair, if you will. Thus, they “harvest” it and live in the tree of the chair, happily enjoying the fruits of their labor.

So it seems that termites like wood. But does this mean that it will be a good place for them to live? If termites found a “wonder” pile of something, they would likely make use of it.

Termites also like the protection, and they want to stay in places, where they can get it. So many times, they build nests, so as to attract their female mates, which they will then have to protect. The job is not easy, though.

There are other creatures, like you and me, who love to defend themselves against others. Termites like “killer bees”, who have been found to kill and sting hundreds of termites in a single swarm. Thus, if termites found a “special” place, that would be an ideal place for them to live.

Termites have the ability to camouflage themselves into trees, to surprise their enemies. This happens because the size of the colony is determined by the air temperature and humidity in the area, making it difficult for the normal termite to detect the colony. Termites that live on sunny days, or on dry sunny days, tend to stick to these areas more often, as they do not need to spend their energy fighting off the constant heat, even though it might be difficult for them to find the food.

Termites have an amazing capacity to adapt to change, so they will not suffer too much, even if their environment changes. They’re omnivorous, eating both food found in the forest, and those they find in the outside world.

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