Tips To Find White Ants in House

Tips to find White Ants in House. The truth is, we can never tell how many ants are in our house. We can only assume, but never really know. There are various ways to get an estimate, depending on the number of pests that you’re dealing with.

There are hundreds of ways to estimate the real extent of your house’s pest infestation. With today’s advanced technology, we’ve all seen Home Shopping Network’s pest control monitors on various home improvement stores, waiting for a few “checked out” thumbs up, to answer questions about how they do it.

white ants in house


Although some will tell you that you should go and have the ants professionally removed, these devices are a bit hit and miss. There are several problems associated with this method: It’s not very accurate, it’s not cost effective, and you can never really be sure that the ants you remove from your home are white ants.

That’s the good news. Using other methods to estimate the level of ants is much more reliable and useful, because it has a much higher success rate. With a little bit of effort, you can find out if you’re dealing with “invisible”indoor” ants, which can be much more prevalent than we may think.

How can we tell that the ants are in the house? You can do it without killing the ants, with some trial and error. Find some, kill the larva, and check for evidence. In order to do this, it’s important to take a completely fresh clump of ant.

Kill the ant. After it dies, check the soil for any adult ants that may be hiding inside. They may look like the moldy brown nits we sometimes see, but the fact is, they’re actually white ants. If you have a black colony, it probably means that there are both adult and juvenile ant. We’ll cover this further on.

Remove the dead ant, check the drywall or roof, and inspect for debris. In general, it’s very easy to tell if there are ants. By the way, we need to mention that the way ants bite your skin will likely reveal that they are ant colonies. Look for “cracks”bumps”. Any bumps will be parts of the colony, and the result of a bite.

Once you find the ants, determine whether you want to make contact with them, or let them bite you and leave you alone. Typically, if they bite you, they are going to create the “mantra” for ant colonies.

Obviously, if you have a black colony, there will be both adults and juveniles. You can use the black ant biting tips to determine if they are black, or just a part of the colony.

Once you know whether you have black ants, the next step is to wait a couple of days, and then look for those larvae. These little critters are some of the best indicators of colony status.

Do you really need to know how to find White Ants in House? Let us help you discover the answers to these questions, and keep your home in the best condition possible.

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