This Best Pesticide for Termites

In the past, people thought that the most popular pesticides used for termites are either dangerous to the human being or harmful to the environment. However, recent studies have shown that some of these pesticides are not really good for termites. The best pesticide for termites may be one that has a better or wider range of usage. Here are some examples:

Insecticides – This best pesticide for termites is one that can kill the termites completely in a short period of time. Many insecticides can completely exterminate the insects by making them too weak to even feed. Some insecticides can also destroy the root system and the tissues of the termites.

best pesticide for termites


Pesticides that stop the flight instincts of the termites – In the past, the termites have learned to fly only during winter and spring. Pesticides that stop their flight instinct will probably not do much more than make the termites avoid places where there might be a chance of them being attacked by predators or by people. Some chemicals will also cause certain pests to be extra sensitive to their surroundings.

Woodpests – These are usually small creatures and they can make people sick. However, the best type of pesticide for termites could be one that has been proven to be useful to these other kinds of pests.

Non-selective insecticides – Most of the pesticides will kill a lot of different insects and mites at the same time. Some may cause the people to become allergic to the chemicals. It is a better choice to choose an effective one and a non-selective one. The non-selective ones are safer to use, so long as it does not kill other pests such as butterflies or birds.

Once again, it is important to know which kind of pesticide to use. For example, the best pesticide for termites might not be the one you think. While some of the best pesticides for termites will make a person feel better, the people who are allergic to pesticides would not want to use them.

How to use the best pesticide for termites: To determine which insecticide would be best, first you must know the type of termites that the pest is attacking. There are four kinds of termites – long-term, short-term, wingless and winged. If you know what kind of termites the pest is attacking, you can know which pesticides would be best.

For short-term termites, you must not use anything except the chemical pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is one of the best insecticides used to fight termites and will make the ants and other termites stop nesting in your yard.

For long-term termites, the best method is to use the chemical Borax. It will allow the termites to stay away from the protection of humans and keep them away from other areas where there are people and animals.

For winged termites, you should try a different kind of product. You can try Acaricide, because it kills the winged termites and the larvae as well.

These are just some examples of the best pesticides for termites, but there are other pesticides out there as well. While you are looking at pesticides, make sure that they have been proven effective and safe for use.

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