Termites Facts You Should Know

If you’ve ever heard about termites, you’ve likely heard of Termites Facts You Should Know. If you do, then you know that termites can wreak havoc on your home, as well as the rest of your property. These little critters can carry many types of diseases and health risks. When it comes to determining the degree of risk associated with your home or building, there are several factors to consider.

Let’s begin with the most obvious of termite facts you should know. Termites are microscopic insects that live in the soil. They eat living plant matter and leave behind “honeycombs,” which contain their waste.

All you need to know about termites is this: They are important organisms that have a vital role in controlling the rate of soil erosion, improving soil quality, and strengthening and improving soil structure. Termite facts you should know will explain how the right termite control practices can make a difference.

If you know the truth about what constitutes a termite infestation, you’ll know that termite facts you should know will include the following:

One of the first thing that you’ll want to know about termite facts you should know is their ability to be so tiny. To put it simply, they are extremely small! While there are some small insects, such as the termites themselves, that are not too threatening to humans, it is when they become large enough to eat up to 20 pounds of food that they are considered a threat.

One of the most common breeds of termites that are found in the United States are “major” species, meaning they will eat a variety of different foods. Major species infest homes in the southern part of the country and in southern states in the east, such as New York and Massachusetts.

For example, the honeycomb we are used to seeing in our leafy trees may be eaten by these insects in other forms, such as the black and red and brown species. There are various other forms that they can eat, such as the “milk” form, as well.

Other important terms that you need to know about termite facts you should know are that there are varieties of termites that consume different kinds of food. These include the giant, and their larvae, the gray and green, the red and brown, and the “milk” type. Each species consumes a different type of food, which makes each species different and unique from one another.

These termite facts you should know have nothing to do with the more common ones you’re probably familiar with. Some of the common termite facts you should know include, how these creatures are responsible for making tunnels, using them to travel long distances, and even producing honeycombs. They may also, for example, be responsible for controlling other natural elements.

These are only a few of the termite facts you should know about. If you’ve never had an encounter with these insects, now is the time to learn what they are and the damage they can do.

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