Termite Pest Control Companies

Termite Pest Control Companies is the companies that specialize in keeping them out of your home. There are many different types of Termite Pest Control Products and Companies that specialize in Termite Pest Control. Some companies do a better job than others do. I want to take a look at the different types of Termite Pest Control and the advantages of each.

Open Pits. These pits are really just plastic boxes filled with wet, gravel, sand, dirt, and whatever else you can imagine. The pits keep the Termite out of your home and the liquid solution keeps them there.

Closed Pits. These are similar to open pits except they have a lid on the top. When a problem occurs in the pit, you apply an area treatment.

Perlite. Perlite is a porous material that helps trap Termite Pests. The trap is thick enough to keep the Termite Pests in and the liquid solution keeps them there. The liquid solution is a combination of water, hydrogen peroxide, and boric acid.

Perlite is not the only choice though. Other types of Termite Pest Control include Chemical Termite Spray Pans. Chemical Termite Spray is made by spraying the substance directly onto the Termite. Termite Spray Pans is generally larger and came with a small nozzle.

Perlite is also available in granular form. The granules have a dry granular core which traps the Termite Pests and keeps them trapped within the granules, allowing you to spray the granules directly onto the Termite.

Termite Sprays: Termite Sprays comes in many different varieties. Most of them contain Termite Borate, which kills Termite Pests and prevents them from breeding. However, not all Termite Pest Control sprays are effective.

Termiticide Sprays is mostly used for preventing new Termite Pests from setting up new colonies. Termiticide Sprays usually has a short lifespan. Because Termiticide Sprays is very effective against Termite Pests, they are also very cheap to buy.

Termite Traps: Termite Traps comes in many varieties. The most common variety is called a “Nose Trap”.

A Nose Trap consists of a plastic bag and a wire strap across the top of the bag. The wire strap provides some form of leverage with which to hold the Termite Pest in place while you cut the plastic bag and remove the Termite. Once the Termite is removed, the plastic bag, metal tube, and wire strap are all discarded. Although Termite Traps work Termite Traps are not recommended as a primary Termite Pest Control Option.

Termite Pest Control isn’t expensive and can be done by anyone. For more information, visit the Natural Society.

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