Reasons Termites Attracted To Light

There are a number of reasons why termites  do not termites attracted to light. One is they can see the sun during the day, the second reason is that they cannot see it at night. Therefore, when they do come across light, they die quickly.

There are many different types of termites, and some of them are very sensitive to light. They will also find it difficult to distinguish between day and night, which is why they must be around light in order to see at all. This also explains why termites like wood, which is such a source of light.

If you look carefully, you will notice that there are a few different factors that can cause a colony to become a light-resistant termite. However, since there are many types of termites, you can always bring up different possibilities.

termites attracted to light


Most termites like to live in places that have high humidity levels. Their hives are made of silk, and this makes it very easy for them to grow in moist conditions. They also prefer the warmth and damp conditions that you get in these places. Therefore, they can thrive in wood, concrete, wood pallets, and other buildings with a lot of moisture.

Termite manufacturers know how to make their products more attractive to termites, but many people believe that this is the reason why there are so many chemicals in termite treatment products. Although chemicals are very effective in killing termites, they may also prove to be harmful to humans. Therefore, when they see chemicals in a product, they tend to stay away from that.

It is not uncommon for termites to be attracted to modern sources of light. For example, if a manufacturer decides to add a new kind of paint to a building, the termites will tend to swarm init very soon. This will not only mean that the paint will be working against the purpose, but it will also kill the rest of the colony.

The most common cause of termites to stay away from light is the type of diet that they receive. For example, insects that thrive on dark, dead, decaying materials will avoid lights.

When you use light, there are a number of problems that your termites will face. They tend to have a hard time seeing the darkness, and this means that they will have a hard time finding their way back home if you close your house up.

The human race needs light to survive, so if they don’t get the right kind of food, they will become blind. This is why a number of insects actually follow a dark cycle, which means that they need light to locate and for them to reproduce.

While there are many methods to help termites deal with light, it may not be worth it to those that do not have access to adequate light sources. There are a number of products available in the market, such as sun room blinds, or garden lights.

But there are also treatments that are known to help exterminate termites. These include the use of carbon dioxide, which are created from the combustion of gasoline, and also by eliminating the oxygen present in the air that they live in.

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