Kinds of Termites and How to Handle It

Every home owner and builder will face some kind of termite problem. If you find yourself facing a problem where your home is being infested with termites, you should make sure you get hold of some useful tips on how to handle it properly. It’s better to get hold of some helpful tips on how to deal with the problem of termites and how to prevent any kind of problems arising out of it.

A word of advice for you home owners and builders is that you should always be vigilant while inspecting your house. As an added precautionary measure, you should also consider getting an inspection report from the responsible agency or contractor who installed your house.

Most homeowners are usually unaware that there are so many kinds of termites. That’s why they often make the mistake of believing that termites are the same as termites that attack wood. They also fall prey to the erroneous belief that they can easily identify whether their house is infested with termites because termites tend to stick to wood.

However, it is true that there are various types of termites and not all of them eat wood. There are some kinds of termites which attack plants and sometimes other types of food like plant nectar, flowers, grains, etc. To ensure that your house isn’t infested with termites, always inspect it regularly.

Whenever you find some sort of problems, inspect it immediately. Take note of the symptoms, as well as the way it moves around and changes its routine. It is also important to note if you have found any areas of damages and new holes.

One more thing you should know is that there are two kinds of termites, one of which is known as the Carpenter Worm and the other is known as an African Claw. The Carpenter Worm is the big black, floppy worm which is the most common type of termite.

It usually attacks the wood and may cause severe structural damage or even death if it has not been treated. It is a worm that’s highly adaptable and is able to live in almost any habitat. Although, the size of the Carpenter Worm is limited, they are resilient and tough.

You should never leave any place where you find black carpet fibers or nests, as it can be hazardous for your health. This is especially true when you have children or pets.

When you come across the Carpenter Worm, it’s crucial that you exterminate the place or provide some kind of treatment. As much as possible, you should try to prevent these pests from getting the chance to infest your house by ensuring the right habitat.

Other types of termites are the Giant or European termites, which can only be found in North America. Although they’re very small and hard to spot, they have very destructive potential and must be eradicated as soon as possible.

Lastly, there are the Western or Great American termites. These are the species that infest homes in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington State. Since they are tiny and have very small front feet, it’s difficult to notice them unless they build their nests in wood.

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