How Big Do Bed Bugs Get

There are many people who wonder what the size of a bed bug is. The biggest bug that you will ever see is about an inch long. They have been found to be very small. You may have seen a living human that has been bitten by a bug and lived. These creatures live and feed in our clothing and furnishings. If they bite you, they are hungry. Most of them are pretty smart as well, as they can sense your reaction and will leave if you are not too annoyed by their presence.

If you see one or two at once, you are lucky because these things grow fast. One couple of weeks of one biting someone is all it takes to find out if there are infestations, because of the number of bites a person gets.

how big do bed bugs get


These days there are rumors and information on how big do bed bugs get. This is true. It is reported that they can get up to 2 inches long.

If you saw one big enough, you would think it was the size of a child. I have seen them in buildings that they had crawled into. They were just too big for anything but the most hardy piece of furniture. For something that big to be hiding out inside of your bedroom is very suspicious.

The biggest-sized bug that is reported is 1 inch long. These bugs feed on the blood of your family and pets. They will even eat your pet that is inside your home.

There are reports of infestations in homes that have very little things inside. The bugs must have something to eat. We do not want them to take over. They can cause a lot of problems for you if you do not find them and they get out of control.

When you first start to notice infestations, you will probably be on your guard. You may even be afraid to go to sleep at night. The bed bugs can crawl into the room from outside the home.

They are like mosquitoes and are capable of entering the house through crevices and holes. They have no fear of being spotted by us humans. You will never know if you have one or not until they get inside your home.

Since there are so many bed bugs in our homes, some people are seeking ways on how to stop them before they kill your life. You may want to try using B.O.B. I.D.

These methods are effective and there are other ideas as well. As long as you are informed of the actual size of the bed bug, you will be safe. Many people are infected and if you are a victim, make sure you are aware of the treatment options and the infestation.

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