How Big Can a Bed Bug Get

If you are reading this article then you are likely to be looking for a way to kill a bed bug. The news has recently gone viral about how bad bed bugs are and people have begun to get more aware of the fact that they exist. As such, bed bug exterminators have started to see a rise in enquiries from people who want to know how big can a bed bug get.

The reality is that bed bugs don’t get very big at all. In most cases the only way that they will get big is if you leave them where they can lay their eggs on your furniture.

Before we go into the answer to this question, let’s consider the fact that how big can a bed bug get is not really that important. There are lots of bed bug exterminators who actually look for a tiny mattress to remove the infestation because they believe that once the bedbug has laid eggs they will die.

how big can a bed bug get


I’ve never been sold on this theory and I’ve actually seen bed bugs grow up to be the size of a tennis ball which was rather impressive. However this doesn’t mean that you should attempt to vacuum a mattress with these insects as it would only cause you more problems.

Therefore the answer to the question is not really what you can do about the size of a bed bug but rather how you treat the yourself. If the problem is just caused by having dirty mattress then I recommend vacuuming the mattress every week or so and changing the bedding. If this isn’t enough then a good solution is the use of insecticide or hot water.

The reality is that how big can a bed bug get is not really that important as long as you understand the facts. So what we need to do now is start to find out more about how do you kill bed bugs?

The fact is that the pest is caused by humans and has developed modern treatment techniques to try and control the situation. For this reason the pest exterminator will often recommend the use of an exterminator spray to help rid the home.

This is because the spray works by killing the bugs and they actually leave behind an egg sac so the bedbugs will die as well. This is how a bed bug exterminator normally operates.

This is why the best way to get the size of a bed bug is to solve the real problems rather than trying to destroy them. For this reason the spray is one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs.

However, there are a number of benefits associated with using the spray in addition to the fact that you will find that bed bugs are not able to survive for very long without food. The reason for this is that the bed bugs need sugar to survive.

So the real answer to the question of how big can a bed bug get is yes. What you can do about the size of a pest however is not really that important and you shouldn’t do anything about it unless you know that the problem is actually caused by the wrong kind of material.

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