Godrej Pest Control

Godrej Pest Control is well known for its range of products and services. With the help of a whole host of products, solutions, and services it offers, Godrej is said to be one of the most reputed companies in the field of pest control.

The pest control industry is always on the lookout for new products and tools which can be used to eliminate any kind of pests including mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, termites, roaches, and rodents. There are a number of methods used to combat these pests but the most effective method by far is the use of chemicals which are used by a number of companies to get rid of all the pests. These chemicals however have their own pros and cons and hence it is only when the pesticide used does not give any harm to the other living things in the surrounding surroundings can the option of using insecticides be taken.

Godrej Pest Control

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It is to be remembered that the toxicity of insecticides is measured in terms of the LD50 of an insecticide is also known as the exposure limit or the maximum concentration at which the effects would be detectable on the human body. The LD50 or Lethal Dose-a value which means the highest lethal dose that can be tolerated by a subject is measured and this is determined based on the chemical composition of the product.

So, it would not be correct to say that a person with flea collars is safe from a given insecticide. The chemical used for killing the insects is considered to be as dangerous as the pests themselves.

The company behind the formation of Godrej Pest Control has been in the pest control industry for quite some time now and the company’s first product was launched in 1996 and the initial product was called Poison Insects. With the emergence of newer products such as Flea Spray and the Kill Fleas Flea Collars, the company has become a firm name in the pest control industry.

Godrej Pest Control is a leading global brand name for high quality pesticides that are used for the elimination of mosquitoes, fleas, flea traps, dust, and flea beetles. They are available in various forms such as disposable aerosol sprays, bubble packs, spray bottles, boxes, bags, baskets, and canisters etc.

Flea spray for instance has a unique formulation which is eco-friendly and designed to fight fleas and ticks. This product can be used to kill both adult and larval fleas and mites. They are available in various strengths and the right dose is required for each individual to be effective.

Flea traps which are available in boxes, bags, canisters, bubble packs, and cans come handy in case you do not want to mess around with putting up some kind of net and with these you can get rid of your fleas and ticks. They are also effective in controlling dander and dead skin as well as bed bugs.

Insecticide Spray is another one of the best-known products of Godrej Pest Control, which comes in different versions such as the free flow aerosol spray and drip-in and drip-out varieties. They are the most effective form of insecticide and are preferred by many people worldwide.

The other versions of Insecticide Sprays which are available in the market include Drip-in and Drip-out, Clear Air and ProActive, Sure Shot Plus, Dust and Bug Detector and Dust and Seed Detector and so on. It is important to know the right way to use these products to be able to take full advantage of the benefits that they offer.

To use good insecticides, there are a number of things that one needs to remember. First, it is important to have them professionally applied on a regular basis.

The best thing that one can do is to immediately act upon the results of the application. It is equally important to remember that the application of the chemicals should be done before the first sign of pests emerges.

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