German Cockroach Life Cycle

A German cockroach is fast becoming a pest to all of us. Because of the powerful poison used to kill this insect, it has become quite easier to kill it.

But there is a difference between the ordinary cockroach and the German cockroach. In general, the ordinary cockroach is simply some kind of bug that feeds on organic matter like dead or live food. The German cockroach is an entirely different species.

The German cockroach life cycle is relatively short, yet it is very damaging to human beings. Even if they are mainly a pest for humans, they are still pests at their larval stage. And in order to complete their life cycle, the female needs to be constantly fed with organic matter. And because of the weakened immune system of humans, the German cockroach thrives on that problem.

german cockroach life cycle


There are certain species of German cockroach, which are resistant to pesticides. And because of their capability to live and feed without humans’ help, many people opt to exterminate these insects by using chemical pesticides. These insecticides can prove to be disastrous for the local environment and for human beings too.

When these poisonous chemicals are released into the atmosphere, they can harm the microorganisms present there. The results are usually toxic air and poisonous gases that spread through the air.

When mixed with water, the poisonous insecticides become highly corrosive. This can damage anything that comes in contact with them – from food to fruit.

Besides poisoning the birds and animals that come in contact with them, these insecticides are also suspected to have caused birth defects among the women who live in areas where these bugs are found. If the children of those women are born with deformities, this may be an indication that these poisonings came from these insects. In this regard, it is not surprising that many people feel that they should refrain from using these poisons.

However, to save themselves from losing the benefits that these insecticides offer, people continue to use them. And to make matters worse, scientists are currently discovering that most of the toxic chemical agents in these poisons are actually made up of natural substances such as copper, cobalt, mercury, lead, and arsenic.

As a result, pesticide manufacturers and agriculturalists are currently trying to determine how to destroy the German cockroach life cycle. They are doing so to avoid creating any more problems for humans.

The only way to completely eliminate the German cockroach life cycle would be to create a pesticide that kills the roaches entirely without making any changes to the environment. Thankfully, we now know how to do just that. And for now, the only method to make this pest completely disappear from our environment is to use biological methods.

The German cockroach life cycle is really no big deal for us, but for people who depend on them, the destruction wrought by these roaches can be a great inconvenience. And for these reasons, scientists and researchers are constantly working to figure out how to combat the German cockroach problem.

With the latest discovery, they can now work towards eradicating the German cockroach completely, instead of destroying its natural defense mechanism. That’s why you can rest assured that as long as these scientists continue to research and study, the German cockroach will still be around.

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