Different Types of Termites

There are different types of termites, not just the typical white or black munching termites that you see in your back yard. Different types of termites have different behaviors, and they differ in what type of environment they prefer. One of the most common termite is called the black soldier. The black soldier is the biggest of the three different types of termites that call our planet home. They are native to India and are probably no more than two inches long.

The other common black soldier type is the other common name for a red soldier. These are the British termite species that live in the United Kingdom. These species have about a three-inch head and a three-inch tail.

The common black soldier is more of a scavenger type of creature, than anything else. They eat just about anything, and are highly aggressive creatures.

The other common black soldier has a much less aggressive nature and prefers to live on trees. They can live as long as 30 years, and the females can lay anywhere from a hundred to several thousand eggs at a time.

The common black soldier is a scavenger, and like all scavengers, will pick up whatever it can get its tiny little hands on. It will also take some other things from where it feeds. They will scavenge on food from bird droppings, and on the waste from other animals, such as raccoons.

The other common black soldier is the red soldier. This one is the same species as the black soldier but has a smaller head and tail. They can live to be up to four inches long, and the males can have up to ten times as many eggs as the females.

The red soldier is one of the most vicious of the three types of termites. They will not hesitate to kill and eat animals, and will eat small rodents as well.

Finally, there is the white soldier. These creatures are not like the others and will not feed on animals. They do not exist in Britain, and they only come into the United States when someone brings them with them.

All of these different types of termites have been around for centuries. They are a very important part of the ecosystem, and they help keep the area around your home healthy. No matter what type of termite you are looking at, their natural enemies are called termites.

They are a great industry for those who produce them. However, you must take care when dealing with them, especially if you are planning on having children around your home. They are not pets and should be treated as such.

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