Best Treatment For Bed Bug Bites

Since the last eight months, I have been trying to find the best treatment for bed bug bites. First there were the well-meaning but ineffective bed bug baits.

Then came the chemical sprays. These are basically invisible but they do not take off the nasty oil that is produced by the bed bugs. So it is best to take a nap and do your laundry instead.

Of course I was not successful in finding an effective way to fight the bed bugs. But I did find this intriguing.

This is not a popular treatment for bed bug as there are other methods to get rid of them, such as the pesticide sprays, bed bug poison. In fact, I would say that if you are in the United States, the only real treatment for bed bug bites is contact insecticide sprays.

There are many, many chemical products that claim to work on bed bugs, including the commonly used brands like DEET. Many of these chemicals actually make the problem worse and, therefore, are not effective.

After some time I read up on what the best treatments for bed bug bites are. The best treatment for bed bug bites does not involve using any chemical treatment. It involves using hot water, paper towels, hypoallergenic, non-toxic oils, and a good DEET bug spray.

That is all you need to kill the bugs and keep them from coming back. However, since the bed bugs like moisture, they are much more likely to come back again.

When dealing with the bed bug bite, a stronger bug spray should be used. This should be on your list of the best treatment for bed bug bites.

Why is the best treatment for bed bug bites that more important than using set? Because DEET will not get you all the way to the bed bug bite; it will only get the spot infected.

A real treatment for bed bug bites is going to use an insecticide for the bed bug problem. This is true because you have to kill the adult insects in order to prevent them from coming back.

The majority of the solutions out there are not going to get you all the way to the bed bug bite. What will get you to that point is a stronger insecticide or a treatment that eliminates the bug population in the first place.

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