Attention, Here it is The Termite Habitat that are Often at Home

So, it seems to be the case that no sooner have I typed the word Habitat Termite than the first article appears in my inbox. Then, the second and then the third. And so on. I should pause for a moment and say that the competition is quite fierce these days. It is also a fact that the competition is just as fierce when it comes to choosing between different labels when describing our home, our place of work, our favorite restaurant, the shops we frequent or the restaurant we dine in. So where do we stand as a society? Not in one or the other, certainly not in the same place. In the space between.

As we know, many termite habitat are around us. The constant attempts to make some sort of taboo out of such words as “environment”, “eco-friendly”green” is interesting. Whatever you think of, I guess you would agree that we should always try to keep our environment clean, safe and pure.

Not, that it has nothing to do with spider webs and chewed by the venomous Black Widow but the fact that there are so many of them (and so few of us who would like to catch one) is a rather big issue. They will eat anything that they can and that includes our children! In this point of view, the idea of Habitat Termite may be at least a little bit of a bonus.

One of the terms that is being bandied about is “hydraulic fluid extraction”. Yes, we already know what that is from gas drilling. It is a process that removes the water content of natural gas so that it can be sold or refined to something that is palatable enough for any consumer who is in need of a fuel supplement, to say nothing of those who are employed by big companies that want to reduce their costs of production.

Indeed, the Hydraulic Fluids Extractors are being used as they are required to extract water from natural gas and also to filter the hydrogen and carbon dioxide that remain. This reduction in the volume of water consumed in the refining process results in a considerable improvement in the volumes produced, which ultimately increases the price of natural gas. Naturally, this is a very profitable market for the world’s leading oil companies.

I am sure that you could easily envisage the fall in production of natural gas that would follow if the use of hydraulic fluids extraction was stopped. Thus it would become more expensive to make gas because of the added weight of water and carbon dioxide.

However, perhaps that is not the problem that we should be concerned about and this may be what it comes down to in the end. If we want to stop using fossil fuels, then we can and we must do so by looking at the supply side of the equation.

In the meantime, we will have to look at the demand side of the equation. The latest news from the Journal of Physical Chemistry is that a group of researchers have come up with a way to capture the sun’s energy and use it to power a new energy technology. Their process, the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) solar cell, makes use of a concept that is not new and therefore will make its first full deployment within the next two years.

It is being used to power a new energy technology known as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). It is an interesting device but does not have the capacity to replace the traditional diesel engine. It can however play a very important role in the future of this new energy technology as it will give a clean alternative to coal and gas and will ensure that everyone is using less fossil fuels.

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