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What are the numerous uses of Carrageenan?

Posted by on Jan 21, 2017

As we all are familiar that carrageenan are popular for their gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties. The ingredient is present in numerous products. Carrageenan is safe to use which is why it has so many uses attached to itself. Let us look at the numerous uses of carrageenan.

  1. Dairy Products –

In the food industry, dairy products are the one that use it to the highest extent. A very small amount of about 0.01-0.05 percent is only added to these products. The ingredient’s thickening quality is very helpful in dairy products. Like kappa carrageenan when added to cottage cheese or ice cream, it prevents the separation of whey from them. Moreover, addition of kappa or lambda carrageenan to natural cream, helps maintain the lightness if it is whipped.

  1. Meat Products –

After dairy products, meat products are the second one that uses carrageenan. It is very helpful in keeping the proteins preserved in the product. When brine consisting of salt, phosphate and carrageenan is injected into the meat, it helps in solving the problem of water loss while cooking, loss in texture and eating quality.


  1. Air Freshener Gels

No one wants to be in a room or a place that smells bad. We use air freshener gels to get rid of foul odors. These freshening gels contain kappa carrageenan, a potassium salt, water and perfume. After mixing these ingredients, we get the sweet-scented gel form and it is cast to a shape to fit the holder.

  1. Pet Foods

Seaweed flour (kappa carrageenan) is a useful element in pet foods. Carrageenan is added to the mixture of chopped meat, water, flavors and locust bean gum, and then it is canned and cooked. Carrageenan helps in binding the meat together and retains the proteins present in the meat.

These are the various uses of carrageenan and it is completely safe. The ingredient’s properties are very helpful in different products, in different ways.

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