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Phenq – The One Stop Solution for Weight Reduction

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016

Why Phenq:

Phenq is the modern-day solution for women who are struggling to shed their post pregnancy weight. The product is available in the form of pills and has to be consumed two per day. It is recommended to take these pills during breakfast and lunch when people still have time to work around and shed their energy, as these pills are known as energy boosters, and the resulting energy if directed through constructive work like walking or work outs will aid in weight loss journey.

Ingredients that make up Phenq:

Phenq focuses on the weight loss journey by keeping the person stay healthy and promoting the weight loss. This is possible because of the wonderful ingredients that constitutes Phenq. The following lists the magical Phenq Ingredients.

Capsimax Powder – constitutes of capsicum and Vitamin B3 that helps in increasing body temperature to burn more fat (as high as 250 calories per day)

Calcium Carbonate – Helps in reduction of body fat by burning the fats stored in the bones.

Chromium Picolinate – Helps in increased level of sugar absorption thereby satisfying the cravings at an early stage and prevents further cravings for food.

Caffeine – helps to stay focused, reduce exhaustion and increases the alertness.

Nopal – extracted from Nopal cactus, this ingredient is rich in fiber and helps to regulate bowel movements and retains the body fluids.

PhenQ review by Rachel

L-Carnitine Furmarate – helps in converting the fat stored to energy.

All these Phenq ingredients works together and helps in achieving the following benefits.

Stay Focus and Alert all day

Prepares the body to absorb less fat and sugar

Decreases unnecessary food cravings

Helps in stronger bones

Promotes to have huge fiber in the system

Acts as am accelerated fat burner

Boosts Energy

Induces Thermogenic burns which in turn helps in increased burning of calories and thereby increases the metabolism of the body.


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