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What are the typical features to consider while looking at best vacuum for pet?

Posted by on Dec 6, 2016

One of the problems associated with pets is the mess they create. This is commonly in the form of hair they shed each day and the food they spill everywhere. To clean up their mess every single time becomes a bit tasking.

However, this problem can be solved by purchasing the best vacuum for pet. There are certain things that you need to ensure that the vacuum so that it is appropriate for your use. Listed below are some such typical features of a pet vacuum.

best pet vacuum

The typical features to consider while buying a pet vacuum

  • Cord or cordless

This is a perplexing question for many pet owners who go to purchase the vacuum cleaner for the very first time. A vacuum cleaner should be manoeuvrable and should reach each nook and corner. Thus, if you are buying a corded vacuum ensure that it has at least 20 feet of cord attached to it. If you are buying a cordless one, ensure that the battery lasts longer while reserving a short recharge time.

  • Bag or bagless

Another dilemma that many pet owners face is whether they should purchase a bag or bagless vacuum. While bagless sounds really convenient, however, people who suffer from allergies are advised not to purchase such vacuums. Bags keep the dirt and other particles intact and keep allergens at bay. However, you do need to replace the bags periodically.

  • Filters

Getting a vacuum with filters is another feature to consider while buying a pet vacuum. While there are various filters like carbon filters, etc. out there, however, the HEPA filters are recommended for its ability to trap almost 99.99% of the particles that cause allergies and make the air around your more breathable.

You can turn to for other features that you should look for in a vacuum. Some of these are brushes which help dislodge any hair from the furniture and carpets and such other tools. So, look for an appropriate vacuum and keep a clean home.

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