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What is wifi

Posted by on Oct 30, 2016

There are various places which offer free wifi. Most people who are not very tech savvy will wonder what free wifi is and in general what is wifi.

Wifi uses radio waves for providing of network connectivity. The way it works is that a wifi connection is created using an adapter which is wireless and that creates hotspots. Hotspots are those areas which are near the router which is wireless and which is networked. This allows the users to have internet services. Wifi when it is configured, it provides the devices connectivity by sending out frequencies which are usually between 2.4GHz to 5GHz. This is dependent on the amount of data that is being sent.

Wifi stands for Wireless fidelity. It is also called as 802.11 networking. This kind of networking covers the IEEE 802.11 technologies. Wifi has a lot of advantages. The major advantage is that this is compatible with all game devices, operating systems as well as advanced printers.

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For a hotspot to be accessed, the computer should have a wireless adapter. Either the computers or laptops or other devices have wireless adapters in-built. In case it does not, one can even purchase a wireless adapter. This adapter is then plugged into the PCI slot or into the USB port. When the device is installed, automatically the device detects hotspots and tries to get a connection. In case it still does not, you will need to use a software which will do this.

There are different frequencies associated with wifi. 802.11a transmits data at 5GHz frequency levels. The radio signals are divided into smaller signals before the router is reached. At the max 54 megabits per second can be transmitted.

802.11b transmits data at 2.4GHz speeds and at the most, 11 megabits per second can be transmitted.

802.11g transmits at 2.4GHz but 54 megabits can be transmitted per second.

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